A subsidiary of One Africa (Kenya) Ltd. Registered in the Republic of Kenya. The main office is in Nairobi with affiliate branches in Chicago, USA.

The operations are run and managed by a Team of Professionals who share the same ambitions and ideals, with each member having over 18 years working experience in the tourism industry in East Africa ~ thus, clear understanding  and knowledge of the product and use of creativity to tailor safaris that suit each individual taste and interest without compromising on quality. We are dearly passionate about all our client safari arrangements. That is why it is important for us to understand their desires, wishes, interests, budgets and everything that goes to the meticulous planning of each personalized experience.

Jayne – Safari Organizer (Picture on safari)   

A graduate of the Prestigious Kenya Utalii College, Jayne has over 25years of experience in the Tourism Industry specializing with East and South Africa. Jayne is widely travelled across the Globe and has intensively handled the Australian and American Market.

In Her own words:” Even though many travelers hope to get value for their money, for me, it is the overall experience, of going the extra mile to make dreams come true. My satisfaction is achieved when I look into the eyes of my client at the end of a Safari and see that they are “besides” themselves and lost for words……that is priceless!!!!……”  And that is what motivates me……. After living around Kenya and visiting many other foreign countries, I appreciate the true beauty of this planet, and I am so proud to welcome everyone to Kenya and Africa, to experience something unique and pleasantly different!!!


Our areas of expertise include:

  1. Providing the most illuminating experience for the international traveler
    To us this means offering you a unique, unforgettable traditional safari covering magnificent wildlife, unspoiled scenery and colorful people of Kenya…… truly bound to touch your soul forever. We strive to encourage tourism that leaves a positive print at each destination. That is why we are committed to working closely with the local communities to promote conservation and sustainable management of the magnificent wildlife, and local cultures within the areas in which we operate.
  2. Re-introducing local tourists to all that is wonderful, both old and new within their beloved country and Africa
    We are a team of Real Kenyans who love to discover more about our homeland. We cater to domestic clients, showing them both the famous and the secret parts of this great continent.  We offer great deals for families, schools’ groups and Honeymooners …. all specially tailored to suit some’s interests, style of travel and budget.  We are always at hand to offer novel and exciting ideas on best spots for when you just want to kick back.
  3. Placing Voluntourists with projects that capture their hearts and address the most pressing problems and effective solutions within Africa
    Referred to as the “tourism that really counts”, Voluntourism is dear to our hearts.  The needs of Africa are many and fortunately, the world is full of generous people with vital skills and giving hearts, eager to help us teach, build, plant, transform, rescue, and learn.  Safaris By Jayne places these valuable tourists with just the right projects and also assists them in finding the Africa of their dreams during or after their chosen period of service.  The interaction between people of two different worlds, getting to understand why they do things the way they do, is in itself an amazing experience.

What to Expect from Us:

  • Professional open communication both from the office and while on safari; with prompt factual information to assist in making informed decisions.
  • Attention to detail, with a keen eye to both the unseen and unspoken, meticulously planning each service to suit individual tastes and desired style of travel.
  • Flexibility offering a comfortable pace and ample relaxation time to enjoy the unique characteristics at each destination.
  • The balance between adventures, beach, cultural interactions, conservation activities and community involvement – aimed at enhancing the “one-on-one- hands-on” experience.
  • Accommodation at comfortable carefully selected hotels and establishments that share in our ideals especially on conservation and improving the lives of the local communities.
  • Memories of an amazing REAL experience of Africa with an outstanding value for money
  • Safety as the first and foremost consideration for all our arrangements.